With the imminent release of the new film The Odyssey in cinemas on 18th August, audiences are in for a cinematic treat. The film covers the life of Jacque Cousteau  the famous underwater explorer & adventurer who was one of the first man in history to use “scuba” Self Contained Breathing Apparatus.

The film is visually stunning and captures some beautiful and stunning scenes as Jacque Cousteau discovers the wonder of a whole new world under the sea. It also raises questions about how far is someone willing to go to get what they want and the fine line that exists between exploration and exploitation.

With scuba diving now being enjoyed my millions of people and more people learning to dive every year, its a fitting time for the films release. It reminds us also that the world is such an amazing place and we need to experience as much of it as we can. The way to get someone to care about something is for them to experience it first hand, then it becomes something they can relate too, it becomes real.

We hope that more people will be inspired to learn to dive and discover a whole new world as a result of the films release. Here in Cornwall we have some of the best diving in the world, you can enjoy a dive off the beach surrounded by fish or take to the boat and dive wrecks & reefs the choice is yours.

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Amazing Underwater World to be Revealed to Millions