Snorkel safari

Here at Cornish Diving School, we are almost as keen (almost!) on snorkelling as we are on diving, as often, the best things to be seen in the water are close to the surface rather than at depth.

What’s more, snorkelling is open to anyone of any age and experience level and is far less equipment intensive than diving. Just swim out from one of our easily accessible, fantastic shore diving sites and you can immediately see the vibrant colours and abundant marine life that Cornish waters have to offer.

We can offer advice on snorkel equipment and use, our fully stocked dive shop has an array of masks, snorkels and fins to suit everyone from novice to advanced free divers. We also stock wetsuits and weights. Our heated, on-site pool means that if you wish to practice with your snorkelling equipment one of our instructors can take you through a session to ensure you are safe and comfortable in the water. A one hour session in the pool costs £25 per person. Fancy having one of our instructors show you first hand one of our great snorkel spots? For £35 per person you can enjoy a snorkel safari, price includes all equipment and guide.

Please call to book.